MY COMMENT: I doubt that the Houla massacre was the work of Syrians of any party – more likely to be responsible are the bunch of international pirates who have converged on that Arab secular state – like the 700 imported foreigners trapped by the army in Baba Amr in Feb.

The worst elements in the Syrian mix are not Syrian, in my opinion – they are foreign fighters in the country in contempt of international law and are only nominally allied to the FSA – and are certainly NOT receiving arms or money or orders from the FSA or from any Syrians.

Such desecrating slaughter as the mass-murders in Houla and elsewhere were carried out without thought of civilian suffering and could not possibly have been ordered by the Syrian army or by the Syrian FSA – Again, look for imported fighters taking orders from outside. Orders from who? I say check out the free-wheeling clever/stupid ex-“cold warriors” lurking about our embassies, the jerk-offs who think they saved the free world and who are still embedded in our Western intelligence agencies. I think these murderous clowns are now acting as the international handlers of various groups of these deadly imported fighters. In Syria you are looking at a little window into a callous plan of methodical state-busting and dismemberment of Muslim civilization.


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