Rebel tire fires packaged and sold to West as government shelling

The so-called rebels fight in the streets, shoot videos and burn tires. If you see black smoke on a video “made by mobile phone”, it’s not the result of artillery fire by the army, it is smoke from burning tires.  – eye-witness resident Anhar Kochneva

Tire fires are a regular urban ‘production’ in Syria, tended by lackeys of the so-called ‘opposition.’

Independent journalist Anhar Kochneva has lived in Syria both under Bashar al-Assad and under his much more repressive and unprogressive father.  She says that the situation in Syria today is not at all similar to how it has been presented in the mass media.

Well-placed cell-phone videos taken at a distance capture scenes of black smoke rising behind buildings, which are then sent by satellite connection to weak, complicit Western media anchors.

The fraudulent media anchors buy the terrorist version of the image without question and then wholesale it to gullible Western liberals and humanitarians as depictions of a government shelling its own cities.

“I came to Syria in the late-90s. To tell the truth, I didn’t like the country. Now I’ve been living in this country for quite a while, the country has changed. Life has changed; people have changed. People have started their own businesses; they have their own property.

“Therefore, people would maybe have supported a protest movement 10 years ago, but now they wouldn’t. Now people want stability. There is unnecessary chaos, some disorders. They used to live in a peaceful country. Syria was one of the safest countries in the region… Now, unfortunately, it’s not like that anymore. People are afraid. Something they were proud of was stolen from them.

“Some weeks ago I was in Homs. I was in the sadly known Baba Amr district of Homs. Most of the residents have left their homes. My friends live 800 meters from Baba Amr. They told me that bandits fired at their houses. Not the Army. The Syrian army does not kill people. They only answer when the situation is extreme.”

NOTE:  I take responsibility for the photo captions.  But credit for locating the Anhar Kochneva interview by  Natalia Mihailova goes to Friends of Syria



3 Responses to “Rebel tire fires packaged and sold to West as government shelling”

  1. anthony szabo Says:

    tyre fires have long been a staple of cia sponsored disinformation campaigns.
    they need to be exposed for the sham they are but journalists are too scared to tell the truth…..beware of black smoke…it is literally a smokescreen….smoke and mirrors like weapons of mass destruction in iraq but who cares…. syria is doomed .next stop iran..god bless democracy (heavy sarcasm)

    • John Anngeister Says:

      I’m going to try to post a short study tomorrow about the terrorist’s use of IED’s to simulate artillery shelling.

      One of the first big civilian atrocities early this year (blamed on Assad’s forces) featured dead people who were identified by locals as having been kidnapped months earlier by the foreign killers. They were apparently held and slain to boost their body count.

      Lots of dirty tricks. Thanks for writing.

  2. IED blasts staged and sold to West as government shelling « CounterNarratives Says:

    […] afar as falsified evidence that buildings are being destroyed by merciless government shelling (see “Rebel tire fires packaged and sold to West as government shelling”). Smoke from tire fires, terrorist IEDs, shelling (whatever) rising up from buildings in the […]

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