MY COMMENT:  Above please read another analyst who is connecting the dots and having grave doubts about what we know and do not know about Syria. The world’s humanitarians and liberals would do well to put their self-righteous ‘outrage’ to one side for a day or two and consider that they are at risk of being in contempt of everything they stand for if they continue to place their trust in Big Media and unverified YouTube voice-overs.
Everybody – time to seek the truth … again. If there is a chance that the world conscience is being defrauded by somebody’s international war machine, the facts ought to be investigated very carefully.
In my opinion, huge numbers of literally unsuspecting liberals and humanitarians are being ‘pressed’ into the ignoble ranks of the clever/stupid neocons and their illegal campaign against the sovereignty of perhaps the last secular Muslim society in the world.

Another ‘reality check’ was recently posted over at FAIR.ORG


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