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A little cry against the Neo-cons

October 16, 2012

The Western media’s irresponsible year-long portrayal of false-flag events in Syria is thankfully by now of wide (though unofficial) record and will never be forgotten – this manipulation of ‘world outrage’ for the purpose of jerking uncritical liberals into the neocon camp has been criminal and cannot stand. Even millions of online users (who have the means to know better) have become clue-less shills of the NATO-SAUDI-QATARI plan to destabilize a beautiful and honestly sovereign and secular Arab state.

People wake up! Remember that the West and the Saudis and Qataris have admitted more than once to bankrolling the murderous non-indigenous wing of the so-called oppostion.  Remember that these kinds of outsider jihadists who are on Gulf and Western payrolls have shown us ever since the Algerian civil war (1997) that they are completely capable of murdering other muslims who disagree with their Salafist and Wahabist aims to destroy all secular Islamic culture.