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Why was reform CRUSHED in Bahrain?

April 8, 2012


This video explains.

Here you will not see a single fraudulent clip like those staged by the dishonest foreign fighters in Syria whose weapons and cash come from NATO and the GCC.

Nobody in the Bahrain movement is paid by outside interests to destabilize the regime and use their cell phones to manipulate the world’s conscience.  NATO doesn’t have a phony replacement government waiting across the borders. This is just a whole population with their blocked cell phones and spilt blood, sacrificed to the false god of repressive oily theocracy.

February 2011, and the Arab Spring is in full swing. International TV cameras are lapping up events in Cairo and Tunis, celebrating the overthrow of one despotic regime after another. But out of sight, in Bahrain, another uprising is underway. Foreign journalists are banned from this island kingdom, but unknown to the ruling Khalifa family, one undercover crew were capturing the horrific carnage of a revolution forgotten by the world.

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Bashar Al Assad as compared to the King of Bahrain

April 5, 2012

To innaugurate the new blog I have chosen this post I found 7 days ago at “Wind from the East”

The comparison between Bahrain and Syria represents a fairly rational ground for building a very strong argument that a cynical double standard exists in world affairs today.

What is more, the different ‘handling’ by corporate and state-sponsored media of the reform movements in these two countries has become the tipping point for a few honest journalists who were moved to resign from Qatar’s official news machine, al-Jazeera (another story I want to cover here).

I think the double standard is so apparent in the case of Syria that the entire state-busting charade may be at risk in the issues of this present crisis. Has the West finally taken on a project of disinformation which is too large and audacious to avoid exposure in the eyes of a significant number of people in the reality-based community? One can only hope there’s time to make it so.

To be continued

Wind From The East

Here is another image that I came across which illustrates the differences between two so-called “Arab dictators” (this image perfectly shows who the real “dictator” is). Many on the White Left still continue to oppose Bashar Al Assad either by outright supporting his overthrow by Western backed forces or by some magical “workers uprising”. Lets be clear about something, Assad is not a socialist but he is the President of the last remaining secular Arab state which maintains great unity amongst it’s population. He is supported amongst most (if not all) sectors of the Syrian population.This image speaks for itself.


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