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A little cry against the Neo-cons

October 16, 2012

The Western media’s irresponsible year-long portrayal of false-flag events in Syria is thankfully by now of wide (though unofficial) record and will never be forgotten – this manipulation of ‘world outrage’ for the purpose of jerking uncritical liberals into the neocon camp has been criminal and cannot stand. Even millions of online users (who have the means to know better) have become clue-less shills of the NATO-SAUDI-QATARI plan to destabilize a beautiful and honestly sovereign and secular Arab state.

People wake up! Remember that the West and the Saudis and Qataris have admitted more than once to bankrolling the murderous non-indigenous wing of the so-called oppostion.  Remember that these kinds of outsider jihadists who are on Gulf and Western payrolls have shown us ever since the Algerian civil war (1997) that they are completely capable of murdering other muslims who disagree with their Salafist and Wahabist aims to destroy all secular Islamic culture.


Remote IED blasts staged and sold to West as government shelling

June 24, 2012

Smoke from army shelling or activist IED?

When the media’s ongoing story about government violence in Syria switched temporarily from Homs to Idleb in March, we saw the usual unconfirmed activist videos featuring multiple plumes of smoke rising up all over the landscape – what looked to be a massive shelling of the town by the army.

However, journalist Sharmine Narwani was learning, to the contrary – through an online messaging group of Syrian civilians whom she trusted – that telephone calls to Idleb were yielding reports that activists were seen “rigging the town with IEDs” before the government troops moved in.

In a March 13 article, Narwani (Huffington Post and Al Akhbar) published the transcript of an informal online exchange in which a man recapped telephone conversations with his family in Idleb during the occupation of the town by the military the weekend before.

Excerpts from the transcript:

“Today the Army went into [the city of] Idleb. There was no random shelling, they were slowly moving into neighborhoods, starting from the east and southern”

[later] Most damages are caused by the IEDs (some up to 50kgs of explosives) and random firing by militants (using PKT/PKC and DUSHKA/DShk machine guns), with the army returning fire when attacked, but no excessive use of force (i.e no artillery barrages as reported by al Jazeera and other channels)”

The man also passed along news that a home blown open by one of these IEDs had been remotely triggered by activists “as the army was approaching” – with the troops in such proximity to the blast that they were forced to fall back momentarily and restart their sweep of the neighborhood with extra caution.

Journalist Narwani refuses to make more of her evidence than the case will admit – she describes her source as “not a reporter, he relies entirely on his family’s accounts and estimates in Idlib, and his claims cannot be verified at this point.”

MY COMMENT: I think Narwani’s second-hand testimonies are important, constituting, as she says – “the anecdotal evidence that provides the basis for further investigation.”

This further investigation might proceed on grounds more scientifically sound than you think.  All that is required is the ability  to distinguish a remotely triggered IED explosion from a shellburst, and anyone who has seen both would be able to tell us if this differentiation is possible – provided he has no motive to favor one side or other of the debate. The images of the Idleb bombardment or of any other scenes of government shelling alleged by the activists might easily be examined to determine how many of the blasts fit the profile of an IED better than that of an artillery shell.

Pending that investigation, MY QUESTION ABOUT THE IDLEB BOMBARDMENT IS THIS: Could activist videos showing smoke from explosions after the army’s entrance into the city be purposely enhanced by the addition of blasts from remotely triggered IEDs which may have been planted by activists before the army arrived?

Smoke rising from government shelling/ activist IED/ (whatever) in Khaldiyeh neighborhood of Homs province (AP Photo/Shaam News Network)


I have already posted a warning that tire fires are sometimes ignited in Syrian cities and carefully tended by activists while their comrades film the thick black plumes of smoke from afar as falsified evidence that buildings are being destroyed by merciless government shelling (see “Rebel tire fires packaged and sold to West as government shelling”).

Smoke from tire fires/ terrorist IEDs/ shelling/ (whatever) rising up from buildings in the Khaldiyeh neighborhood of Homs province, central Syria. (AP Photo/Shaam News Network)

More evidence FSA is not the real opposition in Syria

June 20, 2012

“the reality on the ground is far from the picture imposed by  dis-information in Western media… Peace in Syria could be saved if everyone told the truth.”

– Bishop Philip Tournyol Clos

A competent eyewitness has suggested that the prime agents of change in Syria are not genuine FSA troops and irregulars but “foreign fighters, mercenary Libyans, Lebanese, militants from the Gulf, Afghans, Turks.”

So says one angry French Bishop after a recent visit to three Syrian cities, in an article June 4 in the Vatican’s online journal Agenzia Fides.

The worst violence in Syria is characterized by the Bishop as “the bloody work of adventurers who are not Syrian… armed groups independent of each other, heavily armed and bankrolled by Qatar and Saudi Arabia.”

NOT SYRIAN?  INDEPENDENT OF EACH OTHER?  This could mean two things.

(1) If civilians are being attacked by outsiders, there is no ‘civil war’ in Syria in the normal sense, which would require that Syrians are fighting fellow Syrians. But somebody’s trying to make it look like civil war.

(2) If the killers are foreigners and “independent of each other” then some or all of them are outside the control of the FSA (in fact, no outside group is likely to be receiving orders or arms or paychecks from the FSA). But if that is true, then there is no real freedom fighting going on in the worst pockets of violence – since we cannot speak of the presence of the FSA in areas where there are no forces they actually control.

The outside fighting groups singled out by the Bishop for greatest condemnation are Sunni Salafists – whose actions have caused him to conclude that this sect is now pursuing a very open and obvious jihad against non-Sunnis in that nation, “especially against the Alawites.”

The Bishop tells how the Salafist fighters administer a kind of trial-by-catechism to a captive citizen suspected of being Alawite:

“They ask him to cite the genealogies dating back to Moses. And they ask to recite a prayer that the Alawites removed. The Alawites have no chance to get out alive.”

While in Homs, the Bishop visited the only two areas in that city which contain Christian churches – Diwan Al Bustan and Hamidieh – and reports that these are among the areas hardest hit by the depredations of the outsiders.

“The picture for us – he continues – is utter desolation: the church of Mar Elian is half destroyed and that of Our Lady of Peace is still occupied by the rebels. Christian homes are severely damaged due to the fighting and completely emptied of their inhabitants, who fled without taking anything.”

The Bishop is defiant and is naming names: “The enemies of Syria have enlisted some of the Muslim Brotherhood in order to destroy the brotherly relations that traditionally existed between Muslims and Christians: Yet, to date, they are not able to: they have provoked a contrary reaction and the two communities are more united than before.”

Read the article in English translation, here

MY COMMENT: The Muslim Brotherhood is a natural pick for this kind of insane proxy war against fellow Muslims, because they are still a little deranged by the thought of revenge for a 30-year old defeat which their group suffered in Hama, Syria, when their violent uprising there was ruthlessly suppressed by troops of the regime of Assad’s father in 1982.

But what about al-Qaeda? There can be no doubt that the black-banner dudes are also there, and that they are also foreigners, and deranged enough to kill fellow Muslims, and that they are not Muslim Brotherhood.  The Brotherhood is propped up by the Gulfies, according to the Bishop’s article, but al-Quaeda is more likely being supported  by our clever/stupid Western intelligence agencies (because they don’t trust the GCC’s proxies to get the job done right).

Caught in the middle, naturally, are the honest citizens of Syria.

June 17, 2012

MY COMMENT:  Above please read another analyst who is connecting the dots and having grave doubts about what we know and do not know about Syria. The world’s humanitarians and liberals would do well to put their self-righteous ‘outrage’ to one side for a day or two and consider that they are at risk of being in contempt of everything they stand for if they continue to place their trust in Big Media and unverified YouTube voice-overs.
Everybody – time to seek the truth … again. If there is a chance that the world conscience is being defrauded by somebody’s international war machine, the facts ought to be investigated very carefully.
In my opinion, huge numbers of literally unsuspecting liberals and humanitarians are being ‘pressed’ into the ignoble ranks of the clever/stupid neocons and their illegal campaign against the sovereignty of perhaps the last secular Muslim society in the world.

Another ‘reality check’ was recently posted over at FAIR.ORG

June 16, 2012

MY COMMENT: A Canadian university professor writes a thoughtful warning, above, to humanitarians who have surrendered their humanitarian impulses to the Western media’s uncritical and complicit atrocity-journalism.

There are good reasons to believe that the World Conscience is being  defrauded by a new Fog of War strategy which has enough ‘wartime’ control over information to co-opt honest humanitarian impulses for support of war aims which real humanitarians would not countenance.

It is increasingly obvious to me that we are looking at a callous international attempt at state-busting operations against Syria that needs very much to be investigated.

The Business of Emotions

‘Set up to be shot in Syria’s no man’s land’

This was the claim on June 8 of Alex Thompson, chief foreign correspondent for Channel 4 News reporting from Qusair, a town close to the Syria/Lebanon border. His story is here.

He describes how the anti-Assad rebels maneuvered the vehicle in which Thompson, his crew, translator and an Arab League observer were traveling into an area where they would be shot by the Syrian Army. Their intent, he argues, was to make it appear that the Syrian Army had knowingly killed journalists and thereby stoke feelings against Assad and for those opposing him.

In his words:

I’m quite clear the rebels deliberately set us up to be shot by the Syrian Army. Dead journos are bad for Damascus…. Please, do not for one moment believe that my experience with the rebels in al Qusair was a one-off …. It…

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