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A little cry against the Neo-cons

October 16, 2012

The Western media’s irresponsible year-long portrayal of false-flag events in Syria is thankfully by now of wide (though unofficial) record and will never be forgotten – this manipulation of ‘world outrage’ for the purpose of jerking uncritical liberals into the neocon camp has been criminal and cannot stand. Even millions of online users (who have the means to know better) have become clue-less shills of the NATO-SAUDI-QATARI plan to destabilize a beautiful and honestly sovereign and secular Arab state.

People wake up! Remember that the West and the Saudis and Qataris have admitted more than once to bankrolling the murderous non-indigenous wing of the so-called oppostion.  Remember that these kinds of outsider jihadists who are on Gulf and Western payrolls have shown us ever since the Algerian civil war (1997) that they are completely capable of murdering other muslims who disagree with their Salafist and Wahabist aims to destroy all secular Islamic culture.


More evidence FSA is not the real opposition in Syria

June 20, 2012

“the reality on the ground is far from the picture imposed by  dis-information in Western media… Peace in Syria could be saved if everyone told the truth.”

– Bishop Philip Tournyol Clos

A competent eyewitness has suggested that the prime agents of change in Syria are not genuine FSA troops and irregulars but “foreign fighters, mercenary Libyans, Lebanese, militants from the Gulf, Afghans, Turks.”

So says one angry French Bishop after a recent visit to three Syrian cities, in an article June 4 in the Vatican’s online journal Agenzia Fides.

The worst violence in Syria is characterized by the Bishop as “the bloody work of adventurers who are not Syrian… armed groups independent of each other, heavily armed and bankrolled by Qatar and Saudi Arabia.”

NOT SYRIAN?  INDEPENDENT OF EACH OTHER?  This could mean two things.

(1) If civilians are being attacked by outsiders, there is no ‘civil war’ in Syria in the normal sense, which would require that Syrians are fighting fellow Syrians. But somebody’s trying to make it look like civil war.

(2) If the killers are foreigners and “independent of each other” then some or all of them are outside the control of the FSA (in fact, no outside group is likely to be receiving orders or arms or paychecks from the FSA). But if that is true, then there is no real freedom fighting going on in the worst pockets of violence – since we cannot speak of the presence of the FSA in areas where there are no forces they actually control.

The outside fighting groups singled out by the Bishop for greatest condemnation are Sunni Salafists – whose actions have caused him to conclude that this sect is now pursuing a very open and obvious jihad against non-Sunnis in that nation, “especially against the Alawites.”

The Bishop tells how the Salafist fighters administer a kind of trial-by-catechism to a captive citizen suspected of being Alawite:

“They ask him to cite the genealogies dating back to Moses. And they ask to recite a prayer that the Alawites removed. The Alawites have no chance to get out alive.”

While in Homs, the Bishop visited the only two areas in that city which contain Christian churches – Diwan Al Bustan and Hamidieh – and reports that these are among the areas hardest hit by the depredations of the outsiders.

“The picture for us – he continues – is utter desolation: the church of Mar Elian is half destroyed and that of Our Lady of Peace is still occupied by the rebels. Christian homes are severely damaged due to the fighting and completely emptied of their inhabitants, who fled without taking anything.”

The Bishop is defiant and is naming names: “The enemies of Syria have enlisted some of the Muslim Brotherhood in order to destroy the brotherly relations that traditionally existed between Muslims and Christians: Yet, to date, they are not able to: they have provoked a contrary reaction and the two communities are more united than before.”

Read the article in English translation, here

MY COMMENT: The Muslim Brotherhood is a natural pick for this kind of insane proxy war against fellow Muslims, because they are still a little deranged by the thought of revenge for a 30-year old defeat which their group suffered in Hama, Syria, when their violent uprising there was ruthlessly suppressed by troops of the regime of Assad’s father in 1982.

But what about al-Qaeda? There can be no doubt that the black-banner dudes are also there, and that they are also foreigners, and deranged enough to kill fellow Muslims, and that they are not Muslim Brotherhood.  The Brotherhood is propped up by the Gulfies, according to the Bishop’s article, but al-Quaeda is more likely being supported  by our clever/stupid Western intelligence agencies (because they don’t trust the GCC’s proxies to get the job done right).

Caught in the middle, naturally, are the honest citizens of Syria.

Peter Hitchens questions Western reporting on Syria

June 14, 2012

Excerpts from Daily Mail online June 9: “The truth seeps out of Syria”

“I have been contacted by a group of Western women who live in Syria and who believe that most of what the world is being told about that country is false.”

One of Hitchens’ Western informants on the ground in Syria calls the activists “weapon-toting killers who snipe, who ambush, who fire upon the army with the sole purpose of inciting riot and mayhem.”

Hitchens reports that one of his contacts had spoken to a man who took part in a march at Hama last summer. He ‘was worried for his safety, but was given a red rose to carry and assured the whole thing would be calm and orderly, and seeing many other men from the mosque joining in with their small sons, he agreed. They walked for a very few minutes, the unarmed police watching them from the wayside, then a man next to him pulled out a gun and shot the nearest policeman dead.’

The riot which resulted from this provocation was, according to Hitchens’ informant, “reported by foreign TV stations as a police attack on peaceful marchers.

“Armed intervention is in fact well under way, uncondemned by the UN, which readily attacks the Syrian government for defending itself…”

Hitchens: “She blames Salafis, ultra-puritan Muslims influenced by Saudi teachings, who loathe and threaten Syria’s minorities of Alawites and Christians. She says many of the ‘activists’ are foreigners, a view shared by all my informants. Many of the ‘activists’ are armed.

Another writes: ‘I have seen reports of opposition rallies which showed pictures of pro-government rallies… The news being accepted as truth by BBC World News is so biased these days that I no longer believe what they say about anything any more, after more than 60 years of crediting them with the truth.’

Hitchens adds: “I urge you to read what follows, because it is important, … and because it is vital that people resist attempts to drag us into Syria, too, by feeding us one-sided atrocity propaganda… I expect to have more to say on this in weeks to come.”

Read the whole thing

HT for posting the Hitchens article to Michelle Tan at theloveculture

June 13, 2012

MY COMMENT: I doubt that the Houla massacre was the work of Syrians of any party – more likely to be responsible are the bunch of international pirates who have converged on that Arab secular state – like the 700 imported foreigners trapped by the army in Baba Amr in Feb.

The worst elements in the Syrian mix are not Syrian, in my opinion – they are foreign fighters in the country in contempt of international law and are only nominally allied to the FSA – and are certainly NOT receiving arms or money or orders from the FSA or from any Syrians.

Such desecrating slaughter as the mass-murders in Houla and elsewhere were carried out without thought of civilian suffering and could not possibly have been ordered by the Syrian army or by the Syrian FSA – Again, look for imported fighters taking orders from outside. Orders from who? I say check out the free-wheeling clever/stupid ex-“cold warriors” lurking about our embassies, the jerk-offs who think they saved the free world and who are still embedded in our Western intelligence agencies. I think these murderous clowns are now acting as the international handlers of various groups of these deadly imported fighters. In Syria you are looking at a little window into a callous plan of methodical state-busting and dismemberment of Muslim civilization.

May 31, 2012

MY COMMENT: When you read “Taldao” think Houla – Taldao is one of two towns struck in the Houla region in what is termed the Houla Massacre. The people offering testimony in the above article are risking their lives to get the truth out about the Houla massacre.  The phony Syrian opposition does not deserve the support of the Western peoples – we ought to unite in our rejection of the lies of our sick Western ruling groups.

Friends of Syria

An interview with a resident of  Taldao about what really happened in the Massacre

Q: What happened on May the 25th and the 26th in your village of Taldao? What did you see?

A: I’m a citizen from Taldao, right now I live in Taldao, on the first day of the events, on Friday, the bandits mortared army checkpoint, the army returned fire an injured many of the bandits that attacked the army. The other armed men moved the injured and the man who fired the mortar to the field hospital and he’s now alive and well and his name is Said Fayez Talha Al-Aksh, his family lives in Taldao. Two days earlier the terrorists’ assistants told us that the Zero Hour is coming soon. We heard this with local terrorists, always talking about how they should create a fuss. I didn’t expect it would be this way. Until this…

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May 30, 2012

I’m breathless with awe and hatred for US-NATO and the oily theocracies. They are clearly using heavily armed and bankrolled jihadist infiltrators as modern ‘Contras’ to fuel a weak and unpopular Syrian opposition – in order to get their objective of destabilization for the last sovereign and secular Arab state in the world.

This is a post from March over at my ‘other blog.’ It belongs here.

Next Theology

The Syrian people of Maaloula tell the story of anti-Assad outsiders who tried to enlist the townspeople as agitators against the President and his government.  Both Muslim and Christian citizens rejected their invitation.

Correspondent Maria Finoshina gives a video report from the town, alleged to be the only place in the world where an entire community still speaks Aramaic as a living language (most scholars believe a form of Aramaic was the native tongue of Jesus of Nazareth).

Interviewed in the clip is Mother Pelagia Sayaf, Christian nun and schoolteacher at the town’s Monastery of St. Thekla:

“There were people who came here, they wanted to push us against the government, the President, the army… these people are receiving money and listening to orders.”

The town’s Muslim Imam reports the same:

“I remember last April, there were several men after Friday prayers, they tried to persuade Muslims to protest…

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May 29, 2012


“The Salvador Option” is a “terrorist model” of mass killings by US sponsored death squads. It was first applied in El Salvador, in the heyday of resistance against the military dictatorship, resulting in an estimated 75,000 deaths.”

“In relation to recent events, the killing of 108 people including 35 children in the border city of Houla on May 27 was, in all likelihood, committed by US sponsored death squads under the “Salvador Option for Syria”. The deaths of civilians have been casually blamed by the Western media on the Al Assad government and the incident is being used as pretext for a “humanitarian” R2P intervention by NATO. Outright media fabrications, including the manipulation of images by the BBC suggest that the Syrian government was not behind the massacre…”  Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

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Syrian government denies involvement in Houla massacre

May 29, 2012

In These New Times


27th May, 2012

View video

Damascus has refuted accusations of being behind a ruthless attack in Houla where over 90 civilians were killed. Political analyst Ibrahim Alloush told RT that those killed were actually Assad loyalists, and the timing is suspicious.

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Phony ‘Houla Massacre’: How Media Manipulates Public Opinion on Syria

May 29, 2012

MY COMMENT: The massacre was real and not phony – what is phony is the thoughtless journalism which has legitimized the ridiculous accusations of phony ‘opposition’ gangsters against the Syrian government.

☣ Tнє Tяuтн ☠

If you are still needing an academic tutorial on exactly how the mainstream media is able to generate a completely phony public consensus to support foreign intervention projects, you need look no further than the dangerous, fictional narrative currently being rolled out regarding Syria.
This past Saturday and Sunday morning, almost every major corporate mainstream newspaper and TV network in North America and in Europe ran with the average headline,“Massacre of the children as Syrian forces hit rebels”, giving hundreds of millions of readers and viewers to artificial impression that it was Syrian government forces – and not western-backed terrorist groups, who carried out a massacre on children and others days ago – even though, the true culprit of these attacks has not yet been determined – a fact which was only briefly mentioned later on in these very same media reports.
It shouldn’t take a genius to see through this relentless western effort to takeover…

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Houla horror: truth is elusive, lies are easier to spot

May 29, 2012

In These New Times

Syd Walker

27th May, 2012

Over the last 24-hours there’s been a renewed media storm over Syria – prompted by a horrific story of atrocities in the town of Houla. Very gruesome images of dead children have been offered to the media, which has lapped them up and used them again and again on our screens and in our newspapers.

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May 29, 2012

Why was reform CRUSHED in Bahrain?

April 8, 2012


This video explains.

Here you will not see a single fraudulent clip like those staged by the dishonest foreign fighters in Syria whose weapons and cash come from NATO and the GCC.

Nobody in the Bahrain movement is paid by outside interests to destabilize the regime and use their cell phones to manipulate the world’s conscience.  NATO doesn’t have a phony replacement government waiting across the borders. This is just a whole population with their blocked cell phones and spilt blood, sacrificed to the false god of repressive oily theocracy.

February 2011, and the Arab Spring is in full swing. International TV cameras are lapping up events in Cairo and Tunis, celebrating the overthrow of one despotic regime after another. But out of sight, in Bahrain, another uprising is underway. Foreign journalists are banned from this island kingdom, but unknown to the ruling Khalifa family, one undercover crew were capturing the horrific carnage of a revolution forgotten by the world.

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